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Dental Implants

Northshore Dental
Dental Implants



Each of your natural teeth includes a root and a crown. That’s why implant-supported replacement teeth are the next-best-thing to real teeth. They have the same parts, including a replacement root that is anchored beneath the jaw, and a crown that is designed with your specific smile in mind.

In time, your dental implants will bond with your jawbone. The strong titanium implants are a reliable foundation for replacement teeth. A support post, called an abutment, is placed onto the implant, which is then topped with the restoration of your choice. For more information on dental implants, read our blog post here.

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Dental implants are the modern solution..


For permanently replacing teeth without conventional dentures.  Using implants, you can have replacement teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth!

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Benefits Of Dental Implants


Implant dentistry offers many advantages to patients including:

  • Improved Function– Speaking and eating are greatly improved by dental implants. Dentures have a tendency to slip, causing you to mangle words or have difficulty chewing. Dental implants give you the ability to speak freely and eat your favorite foods without worry.
  • Improved Confidence– Dental implant look and feel like real teeth. We all know that when you look better, you feel better. Patients love hearing compliments about their new smile and making them more confident.
  • Improved Oral Health– Nearby teeth do not need to be altered or reduced to accommodate for a dental implant. This means that more of your teeth are left intact and improving your oral health. Also, individual implants allow easy access between teeth for proper cleaning.
  • Durability– Implants for teeth are exceptionally durable and with proper care, can last patients a lifetime.
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