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The Big B

The Big B


It’s one of those things many folks are afraid to ask about, but also do not have a great understanding of. There are many misconceptions, stereotypes out there, and that really adds to the confusion of what Botox really is, and what it does. So, we are here today for a little bit of education in the matter. We are going to clear things up, explain the process (briefly, we won’t bore you), and hopefully at the end of this post, you’ll have a much better understanding of Botox to make a more informed decision for your own personal wellness.

The fact is, we are all way too critical of ourselves.  This is a harsh world, environmentally, as well as socially, and stress can as big a contributor to the aging process as anything. We could definitely use a little more self-love on a daily basis. And, for some, Botox is a great way to make small and affordable changes that have a huge effect on our personal appearance, self esteem, how we roll through the day either confidently, or maybe not as much as we deserve. This can be your pick-me-up. Take a few years off your smiles, so to speak. Perhaps your career is quite competitive and benefits from a more youthful, energetic and focused edge. Maybe you just wish to look younger and feel great, or to woo your significant other, to live a little if you will. Some folks desire to get rid of their crow’s feet, a stern brow, or maybe you’ve got a few lines around your lips from smoking all those years and you’ve finally quite so you’re turning over a new leaf for a healthier you? That is exactly what Botox is for. It’s for you. For whatever reason, and we are here to walk it with you.

It’s not at all long, or difficult procedure. In fact, everything is done right here in our beautiful building, designed by Dr. Susanne Core, herself. First, of course, we schedule you for a consultation to discuss your healthy smile goals, discuss your medical history, pro’s & con’s, expectations, the whole shebang. So, here we go:

Botox is a wrinkle therapy associated with hyperactive muscle activity over time. That means, you use is a lot, and it shows a little. (smiles, stress, environment, diet & habits, such as smoking, squinting, normal aging, all of these contribute to wrinkles & fine lines).

We always begin with a questionnaire, education, and of course consents that we review together, then diagnose where needed with water soluble pen marks that you may see in the mirror for approval and input. Next, the solution is injected with a tiny needle and syringe with only 5 units. We always, always use a fresh, sharp needle, then a cold pack is placed at the injection site. I use the gold standard Botox with a 1:1 dilution only. When we begin, we take pre op photos and at the finish, we document on paper where and how much was administered at each location for future reference.

  We always call you the next day to follow up, and make sure we answer any questions or concerns you may have. Most patients see results in 2 days and peak out in 2 weeks. Some patients may need some correction in 2 weeks. That’s it. The process is really just that easy.

We absolutely believe education is critical, not just in your day-to-day health care, but also because people get confused about how Botox works, the many applications of Botox and the simplicity of the process. We love when our patients as questions, and we even show them muscle anatomy diagrams to help with education if you should need a visual reference. When you are more informed, you can make better, healthier decisions for your care. Learn more here


So, now that you know a little more, think about it and call us if you have any questions. We look forward to it.


Y’all keep smiling.


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